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excellent supply of Physical Education equipment.  These facilities,  along with a
well stocked library, are available for community use as required.

Other facilities within the College grounds include a Confidence Course,  Artificial Cricket Wicket,  two practice concrete pitches,  Music Rooms,  Canteen,  Stationery Store,  College Hall,  Music room and Changing Facilities.  There is wheelchair access in most parts of the school.

There are a number of constraints on the College,  mainly due to its location.  One is the heavy dependence on bus transport. Over 90% of students travel to school by bus,  and the school requires bus transport for most education activities outside the classroom.  Some students send two hours a day on the buses,  as some families live in isolated places.  A half-hour trip to Rotorua or Taupo is necessary for any students who wish to participate in LINK programmes, work experience and some subject related work.  It is important to acknowledge that our students experience disadvantages as a result of the schools rural